Just the other week, we brought you our second review of an item from the AnkerWork lineup (the H700 headset; before that it was the S500 conference speaker). Well, those were all focused on getting the sound to your ears – but as we’ve realized, a good mic can make a world of difference getting your voice out to those listening to you. That’s where the Anker PowerCast M300 comes in.

The Anker PowerCast M300 is a condenser microphone (more about those here), which is a style that can pick up softer sounds more easily, and is used heavily in things like voiceover work. Here, for your conference call (or even streaming) it means you won’t need to shout into the thing to be heard.

Now, if you’re concerned about how you sound to your listeners, the Anker PowerCast M300 can help you out there. It’s got a headphone jack right on the mic, meaning that you can hear what your voice sounds like after it goes through the mic, and you can adjust things as needed. As far as adjustments on the hardware goes, you’ve got a know to adjust the gain, which looks like it can also be used to mute/unmute the mic as well.

While the Anker PowerCast M300 is in the AnkerWork collection, this is getting more of a feel a home (or work-from-home) sort of a device. Why? Well, when you’ve got an RGB ring at the bottom of the mic, you can start playing with light and color. This probably fits in more with your RGB setup at home, while whatever you have at the office (if you even go to the office anymore) I rather doubt has RGB options into. Still, always great to have more lighting options in my book.

Last, let’s talk price. At $49.99, the Anker PowerCast M300 is a very, very affordable mic. Is it any good for it’s intended purpose? That we can’t say for sure, but we’re talking with the brand about getting one in for review so we can test that out in a little more detail. Pick it up over at Amazon, or directly from the brand (where the code MARK33X0 will net you 15% off). ankerwork.com

Details from Anker

  • Realistic Vocals:Sound more like yourself with a large, 16mm condenser microphone that boasts a wide bit depth and high sample rate. Record rich and pure sounds as the cardioid polar pattern picks up what you say without any background noise.
  • Plug and Play:Connect to multiple devices without a hassle. No extra settings or extra steps. Just plug it into your device of choice to get started on streaming your broadcast.
  • On-Board Gain Control:No need to fumble with complicated controls that are on a separate device. Easily adjust the volume right on your mic to your liking, or mute it if you need to step away. 
  • Headphone Jack:Time to get used to the sound of your own voice. Plug your headset directly into your mic to hear what your audience is hearing and adjust accordingly.
  • Pick Your Favorite Color:Show off your personality with 23 RGB colors at your fingertips. Change the color of your mic’s base to match your mood, to create a certain type of atmosphere, or to complement your outfit.

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