We were debating whether to have this article as a stand-alone review, or have it as part of our Afternoon Beer Break series. Obviously, we went stand-alone, as hey, it’s right after a holiday, and it’s going to be Friday tomorrow, so maybe you’re planning out your 5pm cold one. You may have a “regular” can coozie, but the Sok-It CanSok definitely elevates things.

Most of us are familiar with can coozies, or can coolers. These are generally pretty simple little things, made of some sort of a light foam that keeps your can – be it for a beer, pop, or fizzy water – cooler in the hotter temps. Perfect for sitting around the campsite or the backyard. The great thing about the foam ones is just how light and packable they are, as opposed to the harder steel ones. Those do an amazing job keeping it cool, but take up a ton of space in your gear box.

With the new Sok-It CanSok, you get something that hits right in the middle of those two options. It’s just as lightweight and collapsible as most foam coozies you get today (for instance, one you might pick up from your local microbrewery), but it does a much better job keeping the can cold. How is that? Well, to start with, they went with their insulating expertise from their JavaSok, which is what many may be familiar with (an insulated sleeve for your iced coffee). The exterior is made of neoprene, which has some insulating properties of its own, as well as allowing for some very vibrant colors and patterns.

Past that, though, there’s another trick inside the Sok-It CanSok, quite literally. Inside, you’ve got a layer of metallic insulation. This looks not all that dissimilar from what you might find inside an insulated lunch box, or even those soft-sided cooler bags you might bring along to the grocery store to keep things cool for the ride home. With these two layers of material, you’ve got a much better chance at keeping the cold in, and keep condensation from landing on your hands, or table (that’s right, no coaster needed!) To be sure – just as a soft-sided cooler won’t keep as insulated as a hard-sided, the same goes for a soft can cooler.

That said, I felt that the Sok-It CanSok kept things cooler, for longer, than a simple single-layer foam can cooler. And, realistically, it’s not like you’re going to set a can in one of these and come back to it a half a day later and expect it to be cold (if so, just leave it in the fridge!) This is more for keeping things cold over an hour or two, allowing you to take it easy enjoying your beverage.

Speaking of, the Sok-It CanSok is indeed made for your beverage. As you can see in our photos, we tried out all four of the different varieties. There’s a standard 12 oz CanSok (for cans or bottles) for $9.99, a 12oz Slim CanSok (for those hard seltzers) for $10.99, a 16oz version (the standard size from your local microbrewery) at $13.99, and then a beastly 25oz (which fits the giant cans from AB and Miller) for $15.99. And frankly, on a hot day at the grill, that 25oz CanSok was the only way I would be able to drink it without it getting way too warm halfway through. Across all of these, there’s one solid color, and six other patterns to fit what you’re looking for. You can check those out, and order your own, right over at sok-it.com

Details from Sok-It

Introducing CanSok! The latest addition to the Sok-It family.  As temperatures rise, say goodbye to wet rings, puddles and wasting a stack of napkins to wipe up the mess. 

  • Keep your beverage colder longer under the heat with our patented Thermofoil® lining.
  • Keep your hands, surfaces and clothes dry. 
  • Same quality and stylish designs as JavaSok.

Available in four sizes including 12 oz, 12 oz slim, 16 oz, 25 oz and fits most beverage cans on the market.

By Patrick Kansa

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