Knapsack News: About Us

We’re John Biggs, Patrick Kansa, and Victor Marks, and you might recognize us from our prior (and still going strong) team-up over at WristWatchReview. While we still love our watches, we’re also super into tech, gear, gadgets, and all sorts of other fun stuff. Hence, Knapsack.

You can read our intro post here.

Knapsack is about stuff we love and love to use and carry. Our goal is to be your friend as we explore tech from all angles and tell you the coolest stuff we’ve seen.

When we started WristWatchReview we wanted to be an easy-to-read and easy-to-understand exploration of a complex environment. Now, as tech becomes more ubiquitous we thought it would be fun to expand into gadgets, gear, mobile, and gaming. We will bring the same no-nonsense attitude to this space we also know well.

And we promise always to tell you the truth. Thanks for coming along for the ride!